Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sebago Lake Land Reserve

Sebago Lake Land Reserve

Description: Sebago Lake Land Reserve is in our neighborhood has allowed for access to walking trails on public land that had not been accessible until a few years ago. The multipurpose trails provide a nearby option to get out for a walk or run. See an overview of the area and trailheads at:

The Portland Water District announced the grand opening of the Sebago Lake Land Reserve in 2005. While most of the PWD’s land is available to the public, accessing the lake along the Two-Mile No Bodily Contact Zone is still against the law. Fences protect the shoreline land designated as no trespassing, and nine separate permitting kiosks have been erected to guide land users to trails and popular destinations. Any person or group using PWD property will be required to complete a permit form and place it in a designated box.

Permissable uses of the 1700 acres of publicly accessible land include:
1. Hunting 2. Fishing 3. Trapping 4. Environmental Education 5. Hiking/Walking 6. Horseback Riding 7. Cross-Country Skiing 8. Snowshoeing 9. Mountain Biking 10. Snowmobiling on Designated Trails or by Agreement 11. Berry Picking

Note: See also Maine Mountain Division Trail as some of the trails overlap

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