Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How Do I Become a Member?

Becoming a member of Saint Joseph's College Frassati Society is easy; all you have to do is contact one of members for information about the next opportunity to join in our mission.

Our mission is equally simple. We want to bring people together in the beauty that surrounds us here at Saint Joseph's College, in the spirit of Blessed Pier Giorgio, who loved to hike with his friends in the mountains around his native Turin, Italy. Pier Giorgio once said:

"Everyday I love the mountains more and more, adn if my studies allowed, I would
spend whole days in the moutains contemplating in that pure air the greatness of
the Creator." (from a letter to a friend returning from Monviso July 26, 1923)

Our day hikes are open to everyone. And no one is required to be a member of the Frassati Society to join us for a hike. We do ask however that members join us in the full mission of the Frassati Society, which is expressed in a personal motto of Blessed Pier Giorgio--Verso l'alto--translated to the top.

As members of SJC Frassati Society we have our sights set on the summits of mountains as well as the highest of all virtues--Christian charity--the love of God and neighbor and so members agree to three conditions for membership; firstly, to offer a prayer daily from the Book of Prayers in Honor of Blessed Pier Giorgio (available from the club); secondly, to be involved in direct charitable service to the poor in imitation of Pier Giorgio; and thirdly, join us in planning a variety of area day hikes for fellow students at Saint Joseph's College, during which we communicate to others something of the person, life and writings of our patron. So then we will want to become acquainted with this Man of the Beattitudes--Pier Giorgio.

Please join us as we go to the top!

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Matthew Guertin said...

There's one spelling error in the beginning ("and" is spelled "adn") and a word missing from the last line.